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Obroma O Agumagu
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Obroma is a PhD student interested on Hydrological effects of Climate Change on the Coastal Region, in particular the Niger Delta.  Before commencing her PhD, she has completed a Master of Science degree in Climate Change and Development from University of Sussex (2013), United Kingdom with her master’s thesis focused on the quantification of Climatic Variability on the Coast and the Arid Region of Nigeria.  The implications of climate risks on the vulnerable necessitated Obroma’s choice of research to enhance her knowledge in adaptation and mitigation of climate change.   Again, Obroma holds a Bachelor of Science (Hon) degree in Industrial Mathematics from the Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Her undergraduate Desertification was on Norms and Stability Measurement- Application in Social, Economic and Political Norms of Nigeria. She also holds a certificate in the following areas: Water Quality Assessment from UNESCO-IHE in Netherlands; Project Management from International Career Institute United Kingdom.

Before she resumes her PhD study, she works with National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA). Enforcement of environmental laws standards, regulations, rules, policies are a major focus of the Agency, and protecting the environment, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of Nigeria’s natural resources. Obroma is the Desk officer on climate change and her schedule includes to coordinate the Agency’s mandate as it relate to UNFCC directives on the implementation of NDCs.



Climate Change on the Coastal Economy of Nigeria, the Niger Delta Region: Effects on Hydrology.

It is expected that the environmental change will exacerbate the already significant exposure of the coast of the Niger Delta to some extreme weather events and disasters like flood, erosion, storms, and cyclones. The region low adaptive capacity and the fragility of the ecosystem is a concern considering the important of the delta to the community and thus, Nigeria.  The current approach to coastal management in the region is unsustainable in the face of climate change: This project aims on baseline information on how climate risks has affected the region and improve the resilience and survivability of coastal communities of the Niger Delta as they face threats from the changing world.


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Obroma O Agumagu
PhD Student
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