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Graham Rush
PhD Student and Associate Lecturer



Graham is a PhD student interested in the flux of water between the cryosphere and oceans and its role within global oceanic circulation and the climate system.
Upon leaving school Graham became a Professional Footballer,  travelled widely and worked in the building trade which eventually took him to the BAS Antarctic Research Station, Halley. These experiences lead to a fascination in the world around him. Graham returned to education to satisfy this interest and discovered an aptitude and passion for research while studying towards a Geography BSc and Ecology MSc at the University of Gloucestershire.

Graham now uses sea-level reconstructions to understand the magnitude, timing and geography of the change in his research. He combines this with his teaching interests, working as an Associate Lecturer.



2nd Year

Earth Processes and Landforms

3rd Year

Coastal Environments



IPPC Science
Reconstructing Environmental Change


Selected publications

Rush, G.P., Clarke, L.E., Stone, M. and Wood, M.J., 2018.

Can drones count gulls? Minimal disturbance and semiautomated image processing with an unmanned aerial vehicle for colony‚Äźnesting seabirds. Ecology and evolution, 8(24), pp.12322-12334.

Payne, R.J., Ring-Hrubesh, F., Rush, G., Sloan, T.J., Evans, C.D. and Mauquoy, D., 2019. 

Peatland initiation and carbon accumulation in the Falkland Islands. Quaternary Science Reviews, 212, pp.213-218.

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Graham Rush
PhD Student and Associate Lecturer
Department of Environment & Geography
University of York
YO10 5NG

Tel: 01904 323701