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Dr Glenn Havelock
Associate Lecturer & Research Associate



Glenn joined the Department of Environment and Geography in May 2019 as a Research Associate in Salt-marsh Carbon Studies. Soon afterwards, he was also appointed as an Associate Lecturer at the Department of Environment and Geography, acting as module leader for the undergraduate module Dynamic Earth.

Glenn is an earth scientist with a BSc in Geology (University of Derby) and an MSc in Sedimentology and Geomorphology (University of Reading). He gained a PhD in Geography (Quaternary Environmental Change), from the University of Exeter (2009), where his research focused on reconstructing sea-level and climate change in southwest Britain during the mid-late Holocene. In addition to his University of York roles, he is also employed as a part-time Senior Lecturer at the University of Maryland Global Campus, where he teaches modules in Physical Geology and Physical Geology Laboratory.

Prior to arriving at York, Glenn lived and worked in the United States for many years. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution from 2009 to 2011, investigating the Holocene climate change and palaeosalinity record of Chesapeake Bay. This study investigated both variation in marsh sediment stable carbon isotopes and the contemporary distribution and salinity preferences of diatoms along the Patuxent Estuary salinity gradient, with the aim of quantitatively reconstructing palaeosalinity in a dated Holocene sediment core. After this research position, he worked as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Geology and Earth Science at several universities, including the George Washington University in Washington DC, and Temple University in Philadelphia. He soon developed a passion and energy for teaching at the undergraduate level, with his students at George Washington University nominating him for a teaching award in 2015.

His research interests lie broadly in the field of Holocene environmental change, with focus on sea-level change, palaeoclimate variability and Quaternary landscape/geomorphic evolution. Wider interests include coastal-fluvial geomorphology, sedimentology, palaeoecology, and geoarchaeology.


Associate Lecturer (2019 - ongoing)

University of York, Department of Environment and Geography

Postdoctoral Research Associate (2019 - ongoing)         

University of York, Department of Environment and Geography

Senior Lecturer (2019 - ongoing)

University of Maryland Global Campus, UK

Geology Tutor (2017 - ongoing)

Dr Rock Education (self-employed)


The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA


Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

Adjunct Lecturer

University of Delaware, Newark, USA

Adjunct Lecturer

University of Baltimore, Baltimore, USA

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Annapolis, USA

PhD (Quaternary Geology)

University of Exeter

Teaching Assistant

University of Exeter

Research Associate

Newcastle University

Scientific Officer

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

MSc (Sedimentology & Geomorphology)

University of Reading

Geotechnical Engineer

Ian Farmer Associates, Newcastle upon Tyne

BSc (Geology)

University of Derby



  • Dynamic Earth (Module Leader)
  • Environmental Geography Research


  • Current Research in Environmental Geography (MSc)

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Dr Glenn Havelock
Associate Lecturer and Research Associate
Department of Environment & Geography
University of York
Wentworth Way
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