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About our staff

The Borthwick Institute team includes archivists, conservators, digitisation specialists and customer service staff. 

If you'd like to get in touch, please use the contact details on our Contact us page in the first instance.

Keeper of Archives and Special Collections

Information and Records Management


  • Lydia Dean - Archivist (Research Services)
  • Charles Fonge - University Archivist
  • Emma Hollis - Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain Archivist
  • Sally-Anne Shearn - Collections Information Archivist
  • Dorothy Waugh - Digital Preservation Archivist
  • Laura Yeoman - Access and Digital Engagement Archivist

Archive Conservators


The Conservation department is responsible for the physical care of the collections, and oversees the preservation and conservation of the archives.

This involves a range of roles, such as preparing items for access or exhibition, advice and training on handling and care, environmental monitoring, packaging, and the physical repair of the archives.

Materials treated within the department include paper and parchment documents, wax seals, bindings and maps and plans.


  • Alison Fairburn - Senior Archive Conservator
  • Catherine Firth - Conservator

Archive Assistants

The Archives Assistants have a responsibility for administration and service provision at the Borthwick. Their responsibilities include staffing the searchroom, production of original documents, answering enquiries, completing copying and publications requests and conducting paid research.

Beyond their core duties the Assistants are closely involved in running our website, maintaining our social media presence and outreach initiatives, amongst many other projects and tasks.

Archives Assistants:

  • Neil Adams
  • Nick Melia

Digitisation Team

The Digitisation Team specialise in the creation of digital surrogates from original archives, and are experienced in the photography of a broad range of archive materials.

The Digitisation Team work closely with the Conservators to ensure that all processes and techniques used to capture images prioritise the care of the original archives.

Digitisation team:

  • Cathy Flockton - Information Assistant (Digitisation)
  • Paul Shields - University Photographer
  • Chris Taylor - Digitisation Coordinator

University Art Collection

  • Helena Cox - Art Curator