Accessibility statement


Our policies are available below:

Access to Archives Policy

This policy sets out the basis on which we provide access to the archives in our care.

Access to archives policy (PDF , 195kb)

Archives Care and Conservation Policy

This policy sets out how the Borthwick cares for the Archives in the Borthwick Institute and Rare Books in the University Library Rare Books section.

Archives care and conservation policy (PDF , 129kb)

Archives Information Policy

This policy sets out what researchers can expect in relation to the information we provide about the archives in our care.

Archives information policy (PDF , 119kb)

Archives Management Policy

This policy sets out how archives are managed at the Borthwick Institute for Archives. It is a high level policy explaining the principles underlying our management of the archives in our care. The policy is supported by method statements that explain the processes and practices that flow from the archives management principles.

Archives management policy (PDF , 118kb)

Archives Development Policy

This policy sets out how we develop our archive holdings, including what we collect, how we make decisions on what we collect and the terms on which we collect archives.

Archives development policy (PDF , 124kb)

Digitisation Policy

This policy describes how and why we digitise records.

Digitisation policy (PDF , 153kb)

Web Archiving Policy

This policy outlines the Borthwick Institute for Archives’ strategy for the archiving of selected websites and their content. These archiving activities occur in collaboration with website owners and the appropriate copyright holders, where applicable.

Web archiving policy (PDF , 100kb)

Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains what you can expect us to do with your personal information when you make contact with us or use one of our services.

Definitions of terms

This document provides a guide to terms used in policies and other documentation created by the Borthwick Institute. Where a term has an accepted meaning the source for this meaning is given. Where possible we use terms recognised by the International Council on Archives.

Guide to definition of terms (PDF , 128kb)