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Fund scholarships, research and projects at York.

Give time

Volunteer to support students and alumni.

Share insights

Provide insights and expertise to our global community

Together we will make more discoveries and improve lives

The opportunities for new technologies and social innovations to benefit people in our hyper-connected world have never been greater. For all to be included in the possibilities of the future will require more than technological brilliance: it will require responsibility and compassion.

You are invited to help shape and influence global developments over the next millennium. 

Together we will create new ways to tackle inequalities, new ways for science and technology to help society and new ways to help every student to succeed. 

York Unlimited is a rallying cry to anyone who believes in opportunity for all.

James Durcan, President, Student Union 2018 - 2019

Our Goals

  • Raise £120 million
  • Unlock 120,000 volunteer hours
  • Capture the insights of York graduates around the world

Your time, money and insights will benefit societies here and around the world.

Through our campaign, we are connecting you to projects that enable brilliant minds to break barriers, overcome limitations and think differently to solve the challenges of the world today.

  • Enable every student to shine

  • Transform mental health

  • Inspire innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Enrich society through creativity and culture

  • Tackle global challenges

  • Create a campus for the future 

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How you can get involved

You can make a difference; help us continue our philanthropic tradition by getting involved today: 


Fund scholarships and projects at York

Give time

Volunteer to support students and alumni

Share insights

Provide insights and expertise to our global community