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Evolution, Evolvability, and Change

First International TRANSIT workshop on
Cross-disciplinary Research

11-12 April 2018, 

Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, Heslington, YO10 5GE UK

Keynote speakers:

Professor Tom McLeish, University of York, UK

Professor Guillaume Beslon, INRIA, Lyon, France 

Marco Vignuzzi, PhD, Institut Pasteur, France


The First International TRANSIT workshop on Cross-disciplinary Research (TWCR 2018) will be held in York, UK, 11-12 April 2018.  It will be hosted by the York Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis and the University of York.

Everything is connected, and everything is changing.  How do we manage our physical, technological, ecological and social systems as they evolve?  How do we design systems that are inherently evolvable to support and encourage inevitable change?  How do we manage and guide natural systems that are undergoing change and evolution?  To pose and answer these questions, we need to co-evolve our understanding of evolution, evolvability, and change, across the boundaries of many disciplines.  

TWCR 2018 will explore the cross-disciplinary theme Evolution, Evolvability, and Change, seeking to bring together ideas, approaches, concepts, and perspectives from natural biological systems and other physical systems, from engineered physical and virtual systems, and from human social systems.  

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from all these connected fields, to engage across the disciplines, to inform of latest findings, to transfer discoveries and concepts from one field to another, and to inspire new ideas and new collaborations across the theme.

Programme Committee

Professor Susan Stepney
Dr Leo Caves
Dr James Cussens
Dr Pierre-Philippe Dechant
Dr Dan Franks
Dr Philip Garnett
Professor Richard Law
Dr Simon O’Keefe
Dr Angelika Sebald
Professor Reidun Twarock