Journal of Gender Studies

The Centre for Women's Studies is pleased to now house the Journal of Gender Studies.

The Journal of Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary, international, feminist, peer-reviewed journal. Established in 1991, the journal publishes articles on a wide range of subject areas, across Social, Natural and Health Sciences, the Arts, Humanities, Literature and Popular Culture.

As a journal with a broad disciplinary readership we aim to publish papers accessible to this readership. The journal welcomes submissions from around the world.


Blu Tirohl (Editor-in-Chief), UK
Anita Biressi (Editor) - University of Roehampton, UK
Jane Callaghan (Editor) - University of Stirling, UK
John Mercer (Editor) - Birmingham City University, UK
Matthew Hall (Editor) - Arden  University, UK  and University of Derby, UK
Rachel Alsop (Editor) - University of York, UK
Suzanne Clisby (Editor) - Goldsmiths University, UK and University of Hull, UK
Samantha Holland (Acting) - Leeds Beckett University, UK

Editorial Assistant 

O'Dessa Monnier - University of York, UK

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