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Mediation at the University of York

The University's mediation service is open to all staff and is an informal, confidential way of resolving differences within the workplace. Information about the service can be found using the links below, or for more details, please contact mediation@york.ac.uk.

York's mediation service has helped over seventy staff since it launched in 2011, of all grades and from a range of academic and support departments.

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Check out our most frequently asked questions for those considering mediation.

Who are the mediators?

The University of York has a team of mediators who come from a mixed group of staff, from a wide range of departments and grades across the University.

All of our mediators are professionally trained by CMP Resolutions. Their qualification is accredited by the Institute for Leadership and Management, and they carry out regular continuing professional development. We are a member of the HE/FE Forum for mediation which shares best practice across a number of UK universities.

"I was really impressed by the mediators... it's a very useful tool in improving staff relationships and avoiding costly (and damaging) formal disputes."


How a typical mediation works - flowchart