Research interests

Our research spans far and wide, covering most aspects of society and life, in the UK and beyond. We can group our current research into six broad interest areas:

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Childhood, youth and family

All our work is aimed at creating positive change in the lives of children, young people and their families. We work across a wide range of society's issues.


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Crime and deviance

We research the effects of crime, locally and across nations. How do policy changes affect crime and deviance and our ability to cope with it?


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Mental health

We research the social, economic and cultural factors which help to enhance mental well-being and support recoveryfrom mental distress.


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Global and comparative

We research how people across the world are tackling social problems. We analyse and compare welfare structures and social policies between nations.  


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Work and employment

We look at all the aspects of the employment and welfare situation in the UK today, particularly the regimes of sanctions and support that are in place to encourage people to work.


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Health and social care

We research all aspects of health and social care in our society in order to improve the ways things are done for the people who need extra support. We look at service delivery and new methods of care, both formal and informal.


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We look at housing and its effects on society, especially in conjunction with poverty and homelessness.


Alternatively you could look through our list of current research projects for a flavour of what we do:

Current research projects