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The Numerical Cognition Lab

Numerical Cognition Lab

Number processing is an integral part of our daily life. For example, we read numbers on our alarm clock to decide when to get up and use numerical estimation in a supermarket to decide which queue to join. Our group investigates number processing and arithmetic in adults and children, with and without learning difficulties. 

Our research

We use a range of research methods, such as behavioural lab experiments, longitudinal and cross-sectional studies in schools, neurophysiology and cognitive neuroscience.

Our research group crosses several departments and includes research fellows and students from the Department of Psychology and the Department of Education, as well as external colleagues. We have strong links with European partners. Our research is currently supported by the ESRC.

numerical cognition experiment taking place. Participant is wearing headgear while sitting at a computer.


For schools

  • How our visits work and what teachers and children can expect.

A children's book


For parents

  • Information for parents whose children are taking part in our research. 

Researchers involved in the Numerical Cognition Lab


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