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Meet our students

See what our current undergraduates have to say about the student experience here at York. Click on their photos to find out more.

Alex, BA Politics

Current undergraduate in Politics
‌‌‌"I'm fascinated by the world and how it works, and that's why I chose to study Politics at York. It's a multi-layered subject area that not only considers how power relationships operate, but how they should operate. I've enjoyed listening to the various arguments about why we need fairer political systems".

Harry, BA Politics 

Current undergraduate in Politics

‌‌"One big advantage of studying Politics is that it opens up so many career options. After I finish my BA I'm thinking about going on to do an MA, but I'm keeping my mind open to any opportunities.”

‌‌‌‌Maria, BA Politics 

current undergraduate in Politics

"Here you can tailor your degree to suit your passions. There's a module for most fields of politics, and for me, Political Theory has been really interesting. Studying the work of great philosophers has broadened my perspective and made me think about politics in a different way. "

‌‌Laura, BA Politics and International Relations

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"Learning about the evolution of democracy and the different democratic systems that exist has been one of the highlights so far".