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Current undergraduate in Politics

A fascination with how the works of philosophers can apply to today's political world is just one of the many ways Harry has been inspired by his BA Politics degree.

“Studying Politics at York offers a huge range of choice, with modules varying in focus from developments in south-east Asia, to British foreign policy. I've particularly enjoyed studying political theory, which has introduced me to the fascinating works of philosophers like John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It's amazing how their words still resonate in today's political world.

There are so many course options so there's something inspiring for everyone. Plus, the debates within the seminars are always engaging, and the staff are very supportive and willing to help.

Living in York has allowed me to really explore the city's culture and history, which is also very interesting. In my opinion, it's the perfect student city. I'm a Student Ambassador, and would recommend that everyone apply for the role - the hours are flexible, the pay is good, it looks good on your CV, and you can work over the Easter and summer breaks. It's also immensely rewarding to work with prospective students and their parents.

One big advantage of studying Politics is that it opens up so many career options. After I finish my BA I'm thinking about going on to do an MA, but I'm keeping my mind open to any opportunities.”

Harry Drew

BA Politics

From the UK