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Studying at York has taught Maria to think about Politics in a different way and to challenge her perspectives. Making the most of the opportunities to try new things and develop her skills, she spent the summer in New York where undertook two internships -  firstly in the Marketing Division of the Mayor’s Office and secondly at a PR company, covering New York Fashion Week.

I’ve been passionate about Politics from an early age - my family has always been quite involved in politics and so it has always been a big part of my life. I moved around a lot growing up, and the vast differences in each country showed me the significant role politics plays in people’s lives. 

I’m so glad I chose to study at York, I’m enjoying my university experience so much. The quality of teaching is outstanding, all the staff are not only academically brilliant but they have an open door policy and will always make the time for you.

Here you can tailor your degree to suit your passions. There's a module for most fields of politics, and for me, Political Theory has been really interesting. Studying the work of great philosophers has broadened my perspective and made me think about politics in a different way. I was initially quite sceptical of Hobbes (his views seemed so cynical and extreme) but over time I began to appreciate his work.

York is an amazing place to study, it has a creative vibe, and there many opportunities to develop your skills and try out new things. In my first year I was heavily involved in the York Union where we hosted some great events allowing me to interview some really interesting people like Alastair Campbell, Adam Boulton, Lord Robert Winston and Baroness Scotland.

I also took part in the Politics@Work scheme, and completed an internship with the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University. I learned how to highlight the work of human rights defenders, developing interviewing, PR and marketing skills. It was a great opportunity, and I made some really good friends.

“I have just spent the summer of my second year interning at the Mayor’s office in New York working for the marketing and communications division. I got to see what working in government entails, wrote press releases and I got to accompany the Commissioner Julie Menin to TV and radio interviews, which was so much fun.

I was lucky enough to get a second internship with a PR company whilst I was out there and also got to experience working in the fashion district of New York – I helped out with Lauren Conrad’s show for New York Fashion Week. I think doing an internship over summer is really important, I learned a lot about the working world.”

Maria Antonieta Fazio

BA Politics, Year 3

From Venezuela