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Plasma Propulsion

Contact: James Dedrick

‌There exist several ongoing research challenges in electric propulsion. For example, decreasing the thruster size, while maintaining its efficiency and longevity, could significantly decrease cost at launch. The electric propulsion of spacecraft is a high-impact research field, and has been applied to hundreds of successful missions. Electric propulsion sources generate thrust through the acceleration of charged particles. Their relatively high thrust efficiency makes them useful alternatives to chemical rockets and this enables applications including satellite station keeping and space exploration.

Plasma Propulsion1

One of our research projects involves collaboration with the Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion Laboratory (SP3), Australian National University and the Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group (CPSEG), University of Michigan on the development of the SP3 electrothermal plasma microthruster. This concept does not require a space-charge neutraliser, which significantly decreases complexity, and we are working to improve our understanding of the plasma physics to increase operational control and power efficiency.

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