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Low-temperature plasma science and technology research is carried out in four closely collaborating research groups. Details can be found on the websites of the individual group leaders (James Dedrick, and Erik Wagenaars). ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Academic Faculty Staff

James Dedrick

James Dedrick 

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Erik Wagenaars

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Research Staff

Kari Niemi Kari Niemi
Richard Armitage Richard Armitage
Profile picture Peter Hill

Postdoctoral Researchers

 LTP pages small Sandra Schröter
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Wei-Li Fan

Visiting Assistant Professor Fellow from Hebei University, China


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Apiwat Wijaikhum

Joint with Chiang Mai University, Thailand

PhD Students

  Layla Aleyani
student profile Martin Blake
Joshua Boothroyd Joshua Boothroyd
Joe Branson
  Helen Davies
Scott Doyle profile pic Scott Doyle
Fusion CDT Student James Ellis James Ellis
  David Meehan
Student Profile  Frederik Riedel
D.Shaw Dave Shaw
Student Profile  Greg Smith
Profile Picture Michael Mo



Victor Chechik

Plasma liquid interactions and plasma radical initiated chemistry

Department of Chemistry

LTP Pages

Terry Dillon

Plasma generated radicals for atmospheric chemistry

Department of Chemistry

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Norman Maitland  & Fiona Frame

Plasma prostate cancer interactions

Department of Biology

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Mike North & James Comerford

Carbon dioxide to CO conversion

Department of Chemistry

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Marjan van der Woude

Plasma antimicrobials and wound healing

Department of Biology



Zaenab Abd Allah


Destination: Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Alex Foote

PhD student

Yury Gorbanev


Destination: Marie Curie Fellow, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Arthur Greb

PhD student & PDRA

Destination: Project Manager at Precitec Optronik GmbH 

Adam Hirst

PhD student & PDRA

Destination: Trainee Patent Attorney, Withers & Rogers, Sheffield

Andrew Hurlbatt


Destination: Max Planck Garching

Sean Kelly


Destination: PDRA, Dublin City University, Ireland

Angela Privat-Maldonado

PhD Student & PDRA

Destination: PDRA, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Sudha Rajendiran

PhD  student



Destination: Lecturer

Andrew West

PhD student

Destination: PDRA, University of Manchester, UK

Apiwat Wijaikhum

PhD student

Destination: PDRA, Chiang Mai University, Thailand


2017-18 Visitors

Monday 25 June 2018 Prof. David Ruzic University of Illinois

Atmospheric Plasma Deposition and Overview of Illinois Fusion Technology Research: Abstract (PDF , 332kb)

Monday 16 April 2018 Dr Juliusz Kruszelnicki University of Michigan

Controlling Plasma Reactivity Transfer to Gases, Solids and Liquids: Abstract (PDF , 196kb)

Friday 2 February 2018 Assitant Prof. Weili Fan Hebei University, China

Self-organised pattern formation and kinetic simulation in dielectric barrier discharge: Abstract (PDF , 128kb)

Monday 9 October 2017 Prof. Philip Martin University of Manchester

High resolution IR spectroscopy of plasmas: Abstract (PDF , 5kb)

Tuesday 3 October 2017 Prof. Georg Bauer Institute of Virology, University Medical Centre, Frieburg Germany

Signal amplification by tumor cells: clue to the understanding of the antitumor effects of cold atmospheric plasma and plasma-activated medium: Abstract (PDF , 143kb)

Monday 2 October 2017 Dr Endre Szili Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia

Understanding cold atmospheric plasma jet interactions with tissue: challenges and opportunities: Abstract (PDF , 316kb) 

Friday 1st September 2017 Dr Andrea Lucca Fabris University of Surrey

Ion and neutral dynamics of the "breathing mode" in Hall effect thrusters via time-resolved laser induced fluorescence:

Abstract (PDF , 319kb)