Theme: Energy: Second Generation Biofuels – EU Brazil Coordinated Call
Sugar Cane - Miscanthus - Maize to Biofuels
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Industrial Showcase Event

SUNLIBB was represented at the 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, from 23rd to 26th June 2014. Elke Theeuwes (Ecover; SUNLIBB partner 5) and Ioanna Dimitriou (University of Sheffield; SUNLIBB partner 11) displayed 4 posters and distributed leaflets. Click here for copies.

SUNLIBB/CeProBIO overview video produced by Stavros Afionis & Lindsay C. Stringer.
March 2013

SUNLIBB Policy Brief

  Policy Brief 3
  October 2014


SUNLIBB Policy Brief

  Policy Brief 2
  September 2013


SUNLIBB Policy Brief

Policy Brief 1
 March 2012


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