Professor Simon McQueen-Mason, PI

The Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) has been dedicated to research and outreach into non-food products from plants since its founding in 1999. CNAP conducts research in a number of areas including, biomass and biofuels, novel and improved plant oils, medicinal and pharmaceutical products from plants, gene and enzyme discovery, biochemical pathway engineering, biocatalysis, and bioremediation (

P1, University of York CNAP is responsible for establishing and deploying the high-throughput saccharification (HT) screen in SUNLIBB WP 5 and also is responsible for some recombinant enzyme production and assays in WP3.

Simon McQueen-Mason, is responsible for the coordination of a large FP7 collaborative project with the acronym RENEWALL, which brings together leading plant cell wall scientists and plant breeders to carry out underpinning science to allow the production of biomass crops with improved bioprocessing characteristics for biofuels and biorefineries (, and also coordinates “The Marine Wood Borer Enzyme Program”, a major lignocellulosic enzyme discovery program within the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (

Prof. McQueen-Mason is responsible for the Coordination of SUNLIBB and Project Manager work in close consultation with him.

Staff Undertaking the Work
Dr Leonardo Gomez, responsible for HT screen, and expression constructs
Dr A E Readshaw, SUNLIBB Project Manager

HT Saccharification platform

HT-Saccharification platform


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