Rediscovering Richard III

Mathew Morris, Caroline Wilkinson, Turi King, Mark Ormrod

© Liverpool John Moores University, University of Dundee and the Richard III Society.
  • 25 September 2015


  • Yorkshire Museum,

    Tempest Anderson Hall (map)

  • FREE admission
    Booking required

  • Wheelchair accessible

Event details

The dramatic story of Richard III captured the world's attention when his remains were discovered in 2013. Join us for a special panel discussion with three of the leading experts involved in this amazing discovery:

  • Caroline Wilkinson, Liverpool John Moores University. Facial reconstruction expert responsible for the bust of Richard III.
  • Matthew Morris, University of Leicester. Archaeologist who led the Leicester dig and found the remains of Richard III.
  • Turi King, University of Leicester. Genetics expert behind the search for Richard III.
  • Chaired by Mark Ormrod, University of York.

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