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York Explore

York Explore is hosting some amazing talks and activities for YorNight 2015. Join writer and historian Bettany Hughes for a talk about the importance of history, and learn about the Flying Scotsman with experts from the National Railway Museum!


From Fact to Fiction: Medieval Archives and Historical Fiction Writing

Talk, 6.30pm-7.15pm, York Explore

This talk will explore how scholarly research into the medieval archives have informed both academic research and more creative historical fiction writing. The talk will be given by acclaimed novelist Dr Pamela‌, author of Time’s Echo, The Memory of Midnight and The Edge of Dark and alumna of the University of York.

In Conversation with Bettany Hughes

Talk and Q and A Session, 7.30pm-8.30pm, York Explore

Dr Bettany Hughes is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster, whose speciality is ancient and mediaeval history and culture. Her talk will explore her career as a prominent historian and reveal her passion for getting academic ideas - in particular those relating to history - on to the screen, airwaves and online to the widest possible audience.

York Explore Researchers' Café

Café, 5pm-8.30pm, York Explore Café

The York Explore Cafe will be staying open late for YorNight 2015. Come along to buy a snack or a drink and chat to one of our researchers in an informal, relaxed atmosphere about the exciting new discoveries they have been making. 


Flying Scotsman

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, York Explore

Set to return to the rails in 2016, Flying Scotsman will star in an exciting new programme of events and activities exploring the celebrity of this steam giant.  Join us to find out more and sample our Flying Scotsman cocktail, recreated from the original recipe.

Co-Motion: Redesigning York for Older People's Mobility

Exhibition and Activities, 2pm-5pm, York Explore

How does the ‘design’ of York affect older people’s mobility? Are parts of the city good for older people’s wellbeing? These are some of the questions you can help us tackle by mapping parts of the city you like, alongside parts that present problems for your mobility. You can also help us generate new solutions to improve York not just for older people but for all residents.


Brain Computer Interface Devices for Games and Events

Exhibition and Activities, 5pm-8.30pm, York Explore

A brain–computer interface (BCI) is a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device.Team Gray Matter is a non-profit, independent team, primarily created in order to offer the team’s pilot, Peter Gray of Doncaster, an opportunity to participate in Cybathlon 2016. Find out more at YorNight!


About Face: Interactive Demonstrations

Exhibition and Activities, 5-8.30pm, York Explore

Can you beat a passport controller at spotting fake passport photos? How do you learn to recognise people you meet? Can a computer really recognise you? Find out the answers to these questions and more at this fully interactive event.


Do You Want a Photo of Your Ideal Partner?

Exhibition and Activities, 5pm-8.30pm, York Explore

Do you like Brad Pitt’s eyes, George Clooney’s smile or Natalie Portman’s nose? Using face-morphing technology, plus some scary maths equations, we can create a photo of your ideal partner and see how the face of your ideal partner changes according to your age, sex, culture, and relationship stage. 

 © Natalie Adams, University of York.‌‌

Seeing Your Brain in Action!

Exhibition and Activities, 5pm-8.30pm, York Explore

This event provides you with the opportunity to see your own brainwaves, or the brainwaves of a friend or loved one in real-time. You can also see how these brainwaves change during different circumstances in a fun and interactive setting.

Experimental Games and Game Experiments

Exhibition and Activities, 5pm-8.30pm, York Explore

Come and play our games and try our experiments. We’re using games to do experiments that tell us more about how people play. We’re also looking at using games for more useful things. Come and see the future of games.