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Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum and Gardens are opening out of hours to host a wide variety of fun, free activities for the whole family. Learn about some of the latest discoveries and research on the museum’s collections, there is bound to be something for everyone!


Hearing the Past: St Mary's Abbey Reconstructed

Performance, 8.45pm-9.15pm, St Mary's Abbey, Yorkshire Museum

A cross-disciplinary team from the University of York are bringing St Mary's Abbey back to life, ​by re-constructing the acoustics and sounds of the building. A specially commissioned piece of music will be performed in the ruins by members of the Ebor Singers, accompanied by a light show. 

© Liverpool John Moores University, University of Dundee and the Richard III Society.

Rediscovering Richard III

Panel discussion, 7pm-8.30pm, Tempest Anderson Hall, Yorkshire Museum

The dramatic story of Richard III captured the world's attention when his remains were discovered in 2013. Join us for a special panel discussion with three of the leading experts involved in this amazing discovery.

Napoleonic Wallpaper

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Find out about our rare Napoleonic Wallpaper, and learn some of the secrets revealed during recent  conservation.

© Mark Woodward

Explore the Wonders of Space

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Join us explore the wonders of space in our Cosmodome (inflatable planetarium): Discover the stories behind the constellations and take a tour the night skies; fly past the planets and find out about stars exploding!

© Steven Falk

Tansy Beetle Action Group

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Discover the Tansy beetle, and its ecology, threats and conservation. Find out how you can help protect the Tansy Beetle and learn about Buglife - the invertebrate conservation charity.

Kirkgate Chemist

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Learn what ailments people suffered from in the Victorian era and the prescriptions mixed to help them.


Metal Detecting

Activity, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Try your hand at a spot of metal detecting in our child friendly sand pit. Who knows what treasures you might find!


Gardens Challenge

Exhibition and Activity, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Come and talk to the winners of our Griffins Nest Challenge who have designed an interactive, online trail for families, around the Museum Gardens!


Roman Catapults

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Discover what made the Roman army so successful. Enjoy demonstrations with our replica Onager catapult!

Anglian Crosses

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

This year’s MA Art History Research Scholar will share her research into our early medieval stonework collection.

 © Josef F. Stuefer, Wikimedia Commons‌‌

Spider Whispering

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Find out more about spiders and how the Museum has helped to track their history in Britain!

Anglian York

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Mary Garrison will talk about her research into Anglian York, including York’s famous teacher Alcuin and her work with FOYAE – Friends of York’s Anglian Era.


Hands on Here

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

Explore the range of Hands On activities which allow visitors to get up close and personal with museum objects.



Night Sky in the Observatory

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum 

York Observatory will be open for visitors to learn about the history of astronomy in York and to view the moon through the historic telescope, weather permitting.


Building Stones of York

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

Explore York’s city streets through the museum’s collection. Find out about the rocks beneath your feet and all around you every day.



Fossils from the Yorkshire Coast

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

Discover more about the fossils found on the Yorkshire Coast!


Fire Artists

Performance, Yorkshire Museum

Join us in the Museum Gardens as the daylight fades to watch our spectacular fire artists perform by the Multangular Tower. 


Graham Banwell as William Smith

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

William Smith is known as the founder of geology. His original hand drawn geological map of Yorkshire can be seen on display in the library and you can meet the man himself to find out more about Yorkshire's rocks and fossils.

Excavations in St Mary’s Abbey

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

During investigations in the Spring of 2015 into the east transept of the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey, a new chapel apse was discovered. Come along to find out more!


Excavations at Roman Catterick

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

Archaeological investigations are being currently being carried out around the Roman town of Cataractonium. Come along to learn more and see and handle some of the finds for yourself!

Costume on Kirkgate

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

At the Castle Museum a group of volunteers have been making authentic reproduction Victorian clothing. Come and see some of the outfits, which are based on original items in the Castle Museum's collections. You can even try some of them on!


York In the First World War

Exhibition, 5pm-8.30pm, Yorkshire Museum

Carol Henderson will reveal the intriguing story to emerge from a mysterious set of First World War scrap books, and will describe York’s first experience with aerial bombing – the zeppelin raids of 1916.