How to Make Prehistoric Cheese

Penny Bickle, Sophy Charlton, Jessica Hendry

  • 25 September 2015

  • King’s Manor Marquee (map)

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  • Wheelchair accessible

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Although early farmers living in Europe 7000 years ago had a ready supply of milk, DNA evidence tells us that they did not have the ability to digest it. In fact, for them drinking milk may have led to all sorts of unpleasant symptoms and digestive problems. Most modern Europeans, however, can digest milk and our biology has been adapted to such an extent that we now consider dairy products to be an essential part of the diet. To overcome the side effects of consuming milk, early farmers processed it into cheese. Come and along and help us experiment with making cheese, using the technologies available to prehistoric farmers, and explore how adopting farming changed not only our diets but our DNA as well.