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Academic Staff

 NameRoleContact Details

Dr Bryce Stewart

Environment and Geography subject facilitator


pathway leader

Dr Christoph Baumann

Senior Admissions Tutor

Biophysical Science and


pathway leader

Ungar, Dani

Professor Dani Ungar

Chair of Board of Studies

Placements Facilitator


Dr Eric Dykeman

Mathematics subject facilitator


pathway leader

Dr George Constable

Mathematical Bioscience

pathway leader

Dr Seishi Shimizu biochemist intranet

Dr Seishi Shimizu

Chemistry subject facilitator

  Dr Louise Jones

Biology subject facilitator 

Dr Nathan Wales

Archaeology subject faciliator


pathway leader


Chair of Exceptional Circumstances Committee

Dr Nick Barraclough

Psychology subject facilitator

Neuroscience pathway leader

Dr Rob Trueman

Philosophy subject facilitator

Professor Yongbing Xu

Electronic Engineering subject facilitator

Nanoscience pathway leader

katherine selby 

Dr Katherine Selby


Chair of Teaching Committee 


Dr Charles Barton

Physics Subject Facilitator