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George Constable



I obtained my MSci at the University of Glasgow and my PhD at the University of Manchester. Having worked increasingly on mathematical models inspired by biological problems, I then went on to take up postdoctoral research positions in Ecology and Evolution departments at Princeton University and the University of Zurich.

Between 2017 and 2020, my research was funded by a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. I began this research at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath and finished it here at York, where I moved in 2019 to take up a Lectureship in Mathematical Biology.

Departmental roles

  • Careers and Employability Officer



My research uses mathematical models to try and understand and predict observed eco-evolutionary patterns. I am particularly interested in how stochasticity (noise) can affect the behaviour of these models. From a biological perspective, this work falls into a number themes, including:

  • Population Genetics
  • The Evolution of Sexual Reproduction
  • Public Goods and Multicellularity
  • The Maintenance and Stability of Complex Ecosystems

You can find more detail on my personal website

Research group(s)

Mathematical Biology and Chemistry


I welcome applications from PhD students. These can be made through the Departmental Application page, however I am happy to answer any preliminary questions. My research interests are probabilistic and stochastic modelling, primarily with applications in ecology and evolution. Specific projects can be varied to suit the applicant. For more insight into what I'm currently working on, Google Scholar is a good indicator.

Current students:

Xiaoyuan Liu -


Contact details

Dr George Constable

Tel: +44 1904 32 3085



  • Mathematical Skills 2
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Mathematical Medicine and Biology