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Nanocentre staff

Director of York JEOL Nanocentre

Prof. Steve Tear FRMS, MInstP, CPhys

Studies of surface and interface atomic structures of materials; low-energy electron interactions with material surfaces in microscopy and spectroscopy. Low-voltage SEM, STM and AFM.

Director of Electron Microscopy

Prof. Valdo Lazarov

AC-(e)STEM/TEM. Atomic level structural and spectroscopic characterisation of nanomaterials. Growth and modelling of thin films and heterostructures for spintronic and electronic applications.

Research staff

Dr Leonardo Lari  Research Officer: AC-(e)TEM/STEM

Dr Jon Barnard Experimental Officer: TEM/SEM/AFM/FIB

EPSRC SuperSTEM senior research fellow/lecturer

Dr Demie Kepaptsoglou 

Areas of expertise: Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy; Materials Science; Thermoelectrics; Functional ceramics; Graphene and 2D materials.


Other resident staff

Professor Dame Pratibha Gai DBE, FREng, FRS 
(JEOL Founding Professor of Electron Microscopy and founding Co-Director of Nanocentre (2005-2016), Departments of Chemistry and Physics) - Catalysis, in-situ electron microscopy instrumentation and methods, bioenergy, fuel cells, emission control, healthcare.

Professor Edward D Boyes FRMS, FInstP
(Founding Co-Director of Nanocentre, Physics and Electronics) - Analytical instrumentation, method development, auto-exhaust emission control and nanoparticle physics

Chair of Nanocentre Users' Forum

Dr Richard Douthwaite (Chemistry)

Staff associated with the Nanocentre


Dr Steve Tear


Dr Vlado Lazarov


Dr Leonardo Lari 


Dr Jon Barnard

Dr Demie Kepaptsoglou

Prof. Dame Pratibha Gai FRS


Prof. Edward Boyes