There are 10 existing members of the academic staff who specialise in experimental Nanophysics, Nanoelectronics, and Nanochemistry, and work in applied and fundamental aspects of the multi-disciplinary field of Nanotechnology. There is an emphasis on using novel experimental methods and instrumentation in the Nanocentre.

Nanocentre staff


Dr. Steve Tear
(Departments of Physics). - Studies of surface and interface atomic structures of materials; low-energy electron interactions with material surfaces in microscopy and spectroscopy.

Research Staff

Dr Leonardo Lari 
Experimental Officer AC-TEM/STEM

Dr Jon Barnard 
Experimental Officer TEM/SEM/AFM

Other resident staff

Professor Pratibha Gai, FREng, FRS 
(JEOL Founding Professor of Electron Microscopy and founding co-directir of Nanocentre (2005-2016), Departments of Chemistry and Physics) - Catalysis, in-situ electron microscopy instrumentation and methods, bioenergy, fuel cells, emission control, healthcare

Professor Edward D Boyes,  FRMS, FInstP
(Founding Co-Director of Nanocentre, Physics and Electronics) - Analytical instrumentation, method development, auto-exhaust emission control and nanoparticle physics

Associated Research Staff

  • Dr Michael Ward
    Post doctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Robert Mitchell
    Post doctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Gnanavel Thirunavukkarasu
    Post doctoral Research Fellow

CASE Students (ESTEM)

  • Mr David Lloyd
    PhD Student

Staff associated with the Nanocentre


Dr Steve Tear

Leonardo Lari

Dr Leonardo Lari 

Jon Barnard

Dr Jon Barnard

Pratibha Gai

Professor Pratibha L Gai FRS

Ed Boyes

Professor Edward D Boyes