Accessibility statement

Dr Leonardo Lari
Research Officer (Research Fellow)



  • MSc (Firenze, 2005), PhD (Liverpool, 2008)


  • 2005-2008 Marie Curie RTN Research Fellow, University of Liverpool
  • 2008-2010 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield
  • 2011-2016 Experimental Officer at The York-JEOL Nanocentre, University of York
  • 2016- Research Officer at The York-JEOL Nanocentre, University of York  

Summary of Expertise

  • (S)TEM Electron Microscopy characterization, development and management
  • EDX, EELS Spectroscopy
  • In-situ heating, Gas environment and electrical biasing characterization
  • Crystallography, defect structure analysis
  • Nanomaterials and nano-interfaces



My research is focussed on the understanding of the microstructure of nanomaterials and thin films down to the atomic scale. By using state-of-the-art conventional and aberration corrected electron microscopy techniques I aim to correlate the structural properties of materials, as such as crystallography, chemistry, defect density and epitaxy, with their macroscopic properties. In addition, I am interested in phase transformations at the nanoscale of materials as a function of temperature and gas pressure in reducing and oxidising gas environments. 

Research group(s)

Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 

Available PhD research projects

(Self-funded) PhD projects are available on advanced in-situ environmental TEM/STEM
characterization of Nanomaterials. Please contact me by email to further discussing options.


Mr Ahmad Althumali (co supervision with Prof V. Lazarov)
Ms Arej Eid (co supervision with Prof V. Lazarov)
Mr Ibrahim Aldawood (co supervision with Prof V. Lazarov)
Ms Megha Chacko Kachappilly (co supervision with Prof V. Lazarov)

External activities


  • Institute of Physics (IoP)
    • Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG)
  • European Microscopy Society

Invited talks and conferences

STEM ambassador activities

  • Lab in a Lorry (IoP) (Sherburn High School, 2015)
    An interactive mobile science laboratory staffed by practising scientists and
    engineers for Y7-Y9 kids
  • STEM Workshop (Fulford Secondary School, York, 2016)
    Insight into Careers/ STEM presentations for 6th formers
  • Aspiration week (St Wilfrid's, York, Roman Catholic Primary School, 2016)
    A session with activities to inspire and educate children about jobs that people do in
    today’s society.
  • British science week (Archbishop Holgate's School, York, 2017))
    Presentation and hands on workshop on electron microscopy.
  • Soyuz Space Box material challenge
    The activity was associated with boxes with space materials kits designed by the
    European Space Agency and Royal Society of Chemistry to engage schoolchildren in
    the science behind spacecraft design.
    • National Railway Museum (York, 2018)
    • Brownies group, St. Aelred’s Church (York, 2018)
    • St. Wilfrid’s RC Primary School (York, 2018)
    • St. Wilfrid’s RC Primary School (York, 2019)
  • St Wilfrid's RC primary visit to University of York (York JEOL Nanocentre, 2019)
    A presentation was given on microscopy , atoms and electrons with some demo on
    electrostatic forces with a Van der Graaf generator. The class was divided in groups
    and they took turns to see demonstrations on Atomic force microscopy, Scanning
    Electron Microscopy and Scanning Transmission Electron microscopy.

Leonardo Lari

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