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Vlado Lazarov



  • BSs (St Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia)
  • PhD (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)

Summary of expertise

  • Atomic level structural and spectroscopic characterisation of nanomaterials
  • Growth and modelling of thin films and heterostructures for spintronic and electronic applications

Previous posts

  • 2004-2005: Postdoc at Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, USA
  • 2005-2007: Postdoc at University of Oxford, Department of Materials
  • 2007-2009: Senior Research Fellow, EPSRC/RAEng Fellowship, University of Oxford
  • 2009-2012: Senior Research Fellow, EPSRC/RAEng Fellowship, University of York



Research Group: Condensed Matter Physics

The research in my group is focused on understanding the correlation between structure and functionality of advanced nano-materials and bimolecular complexes on the atomic and molecular level. The atomic structure of either artificial nanoscale materials or molecular bio-machines or is the key factor that determines their functionality. Hence determining this correlation is one of the fundamental goals of nanoscience and technology. In my research over the last 15 years I have used both experimental (e.g advanced atomic resolution electron microscopy and thin film growth) and theoretical techniques (first principle quantum mechanical calculations) to elucidate this connection.

Research Interest

  • Half-metals for spintronic applications
  • Polar Oxides for electronic applications and catalysis
  • 3D Topological Insulators: thin films and heterostructure
  • Advanced electron microscopy methods for atomic level materials characterisation

Selected Publications

  1. A Migliorini, B Kuerbanjiang, T Huminiuc, D Kepaptsoglou, M Muñoz, JLF Cuñado, J Camarero, C Aroca, G Vallejo-Fernández, VK Lazarov, JL Prieto,’ Spontaneous exchange bias formation driven by a structural phase transition in the antiferromagnetic material’, Nature Materials, 17, 28–35 doi:10.1038/nmat5030 2017 (2018)
  2. A Ghasemi, D Kepaptsoglou, PL Galindo, Q M Ramasse, T Hesjedal, VK Lazarov, ‘Van der Waals epitaxy between the highly lattice mismatched Cu-doped FeSe and Bi2Te3’, NPG Asia Materials, 9, page e402 doi:10.1038/am.2017.111 (2017)
  3. Z. Nedelkoski, D. Kepaptsoglou, L. Lari, T. Wen, RA Booth, SD Oberdick, PL Galindo, QM Ramasse, RFL Evans, S Majetich, VK Lazarov, ‘Origin of reduced magnetization and domain formation in small magnetite nanoparticles’ Scientific Reports 2017; 7: 45997 (2017)
  4. Z Nedelkoski, B Kuerbanjiang, SE Glover, AM Sanchez, D Kepaptsoglou, A. Ghasemi, C. W Burrows, S. Yamada, K. Hamaya, Q. M Ramasse, P. J Hasnip, T. Hase, G. R Bell, A. Hirohata, V. K Lazarov, ‘Realisation of magnetically and atomically abrupt half-metal/semiconductor interface: Co2FeSi0. 5Al0. 5/Ge (111)’, Scientific Reports, 6: 37282. (2016)
  5. K. McKeena, F. Hofer, D. Gilks, V.K. Lazarov, C. Chen, Z. Wang and Y. Ikuhara,  ‘Atomic scale structure and properties of highly stable antiphase boundary defects in Fe3O4’, Nature Communications, doi:10.1038/ncomm6740 (2014)
  6. Y. Liu, Y. Y. Li, S. Rajput, D. Gilks, L. Lari, P. L. Galindo, M. Weinert, V. K. Lazarov and L. Li, ‘Tuning Dirac states by strain in the topological insulator Bi2Se3’ Nature Physics 10, 294 (2014)


Current Projects

  • In search for 100% spin polarised materials’, EPSRC funded
  • ‘Half-metallic ferromagnets: material fundamentals for next-generation spintronics, EPSRC funded
  • ‘Functional interfaces at strongly polar oxide systems’, International visiting grant between York and Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Atomistic study of spintronic materials, International Exchanges Scheme between York-Cadiz funded by Royal Society 


PhD Students:

  • Daniel Pingstone, co-supervised with Dr S Tear
  • James Beevers, co-supervised with Dr S Cavill 
  • Irene Azteca, co-supervised with Dr S Cavill 
  • Adam Kerrigan, co-supervised with Dr Keith McKenna
  • James Quirk, co-supervised with Dr Keith McKenna
  • Genadi Naydenov, co-supervised with Prof Matt Probert


  • Balati Kuerbanjiang



  • Electron Microscopy (4th Year)
  • Frontiers of Research (3rd Year)
  • Experimental Lab (1st Year)
  • Final Year Projects (MPhys 4th Year)

External activities


  • Board member for the International Conference on the Science and Technology for Advanced Ceramics, 2012-2013
  • Organising and chairing the Functional Materials Sessions of Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference (EMAG), York, 3-6 September 2013
  • Organising and chairing Functional Materials session of Microscience Microscopy Congress 2014, Manchester, 30 June-2 July, 2014
  • Member of the Program Committee for the 13th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference, January 2015
  • External member of programme committee of Macedonian Physical Society Conference

Invited talks and conferences

  • ‘On the origin of magnetism in Magnetite nanoparticles’, Ernst Ruska Centre for Electron Microscopy, Julich, Germany, October 2014
  • ‘3D Topological Insulators’, University of Cadiz, Spain, October 2014
  • ‘Functional Polar Rock Salt and Spinel Oxides for Device Applications’, University of Barcelona, Spain, September 2014
  • ‘In search of a 100 % spin polarised materials’, University of Sheffield, September 2014
  • ‘Tuning Dirac States in Topological Insulator Thin Films’, Diamond Users Workshop, Rutherford Appleton Lab, September 2014
  • ‘Half-Metallic Ferromagnets’, University of Manchester, September 2014
  • ‘Tailoring the Topological States of Epitaxial Bi2Se3/Graphene/SiC(0001) thin films’, JSPS Symposium on Nanoscale Physics of Quantum Materials, Leeds, August 2014
  • ‘Heuslers: correlation between structure and spin polarisation’, JSPS Japan-UK Workshop on Spintronics, June 2013
  • ‘Atomic and Electronic Structure of Polar Oxide Films and Interfaces’, Mie University, Japan, May 2012
  • ‘Half-Metals: In search of 100% spin polarized materials’, York-Nanjing Workshop on Spintronics, February 2012.
  • ‘Functional Polar Rock Salt and Spinel Oxides for Device Applications: TEM Study’, Tokyo Institute of Technology, May 2012
  • ‘ Half-Metals’, University of Glasgow, July 2012
  • ‘Characterizing the Nanoworld: Transmission Electron Microscopy’, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, March 2012
  • ‘Half-Metals: In search of 100% spin polarized materials’, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA, October 2011
  • ‘The effect of film and interface structure on transport properties of current-perpendicular-to-plane Heusler spin valves’, JSPS York-Tohoku Workshop on Spintronics, June 2011
  • ‘Atomic and Electronic Structure of Polar Oxide Films and Interfaces’ University of Warwick, May 2011
  • ‘Transmission Electron Microscopy of functional materials’ University of Leeds, June 2010
  • ‘Polar oxide films stability and growth’, University of Oxford, May 2009
  • ‘Polar oxide materials for spintronic applications’, Swansea University, April 2008
  • ‘Spintronic Materials: Structure and properties of Iron-Oxide films grown by MBE’, Metal Institute Budapest, Hungary, January 2009

Vlado Lazarov. Credit: Ian Martindale

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