Accessibility statement

Dr Y. Hancock
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)



 BSc (Hons), PhD (Monash University)

Summary of expertise

  • Model Hamiltonians
  • Density Functional Theory
  • Multi-scale modelling
  • Nanotechnology
  • Magnetism
  • Raman spectroscopy


School roles

  • Co-ordinator for the Quantum Physics module (3rd year)
  • Co-ordinator for the 3rd Year Advanced Computational Laboratory
  • Year 3 BSc Project Co-ordinator
  • Member of the School Year 3 exam panel (exam vetting and monitoring) 

Previous Roles:

  • Graduate Admissions tutor (2011 - 2015)
  • Early career academic staff member for the School's Research Committee (2011 - 2015)
  • Originator and Academic Co-ordinator for the S.I.E.S.T.A.-style Graduate Seminar Series (2009 - 2013)
  • Vacation Bursary and Internship Co-ordinator (2009 - 2013)

Departmental roles





Carbon-based nano-technologies (graphene), quantum magnetism and physics at the interdisciplinary interface.

Research group(s)


  • Prof Geoff Bailey - Archaeology (York)
  • Dr Fiona Brock - Archaeology (Oxford)
  • Professor Matthew Collins - BioArCh (York)
  • Dr Andre Colonese - BioArCh (York)
  • Dr Stephen Cowling - Chemistry (York)
  • Dr Beatrice Demarchi - BioArCh (York)
  • Dr Paul Genever - Biology (York)
  • Professor John Goodby - Chemistry (York) 
  • Dr Isabel Saez - Chemistry (York)
  • Prof Reidun Twarock - Biology/Mathematics/YCCSA (York)
  • Dr James Walker - University of Hull
  • Dr Julie Wilson - Chemistry/YCCSA (York)
  • Prof David Wood - Leeds Dental Institute
  • Dr Marjan van der Woude - Biology/HYMS (York)

More to be added ... 


Current PhD supervision

  • Mrs Raquel de Ameida Rocha Ponzoni (PhD - Raman studies of biological cells and starch) co-supervised by Dr Paul Genever (Biology) - funded by the Science Without Borders scheme.
  • Mr. Andre de Lima Ponzoni (PhD - Raman studies on archaeological shells) co-supervised by Prof Geoff Bailey (Archaeology) - funded by the Science Without Borders scheme.
  • Mr. Sam Hollings (PhD - Effect of Strontium Incorporation on the Gene Expression of MSCs on Glass-Ceramic Scaffolds) co-supervised with Dr Paul Genever (Biology) and Prof David Wood (Leeds Dental Institute) - funded by the White Rose Consortium DTC in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - EPSRC funded.
  • Ms. Jenny Ferguson (PhD - Bacteria Interaction with Surfaces) co-supervised with Dr Marjan van der Woude (Biology/HYMS) - EPSRC/Dept. of Physics funded.

Current MSc by Research supervision

  • Mr. Charles Kershaw (MSc by Research - Raman studies of Biological Cells; Prostate Cancer and Streptomyces Bacteria Studies) co-supervised with Prof Norman Maitland and Dr Fiona Frame (Biology/Cancer Research Unit) & Prof Maggie Smith (Biology)

Previous PhD supervision

  • Mr Jack Baldwin (PhD - Theoretical transport studies of graphene nanoribbons) - EPSRC funded. Graduating January 2017.
  • Mr James Geraets (PhD - Kinetic self-assembly modelling of viruses and graphenes) co-supervised with Prof Reidun Twarock - Wellcome Trust Funded via CIDCATS. Graduated October 2015.

Current MPhys supervision

  • Mr Tom McCain
  • Mr James Crosby
  • Mr Michael Tickell
  • Mr Harry 

Previous MPhys supervision 

  • Mr Alexander Dunn (MPhys project - Pathogen treatment studies using Raman spectroscopy), co-supervised with Dr Marjan van der Woude (Biology/HYMS)
  • Mr Andrew Flatley (MPhys project - Raman investigations of bio-archaeological specimens)
  • Mr Nick Woods (MPhys project - Development of a rapid graphene simulation tool using the tight- binding method)

Previous BSc project supervision

  • Mr Andrew Brough (BSc project - Tight-binding studies of graphene nanoribbons)
  • Mr Charles Kershaw (BSc project - Raman spectroscopy studies of archaeological bone)

Supervised MPhys projects awarded the School's prize for best project

  • Mr Jake Hodgetts 2012-2013 (MPhys project - Raman studies of biological cells and graphene SERS)
  • Mr Richard Taylor 2010-2011 (MPhys project - Theoretical and STM studies of Epi-Graphene - co-supervised by Dr Steve Tear)





Year 3:

Quantum Mechanics II
Co-ordinator of the Third Year Computational Laboratory

External activities


  • Member of the American Physical Society
  • Member of The University of York Science and Society Group

Editorial duties

  • Member of the Editorial team for Physics Review magazine (2010 - 2014)

Invited talks and conferences


  • J. Baldwin and Y. Hancock, 'Patterned graphene nanoribbons for flexible spintronics', Donostia International Conference on Nanoscaled Magnetism and Applications, Donostia, Spain, September 9 -13 (2013).
  • Invited speaker, Y. Hancock, 'Theoretical modelling of nanographene - a proposal to link theory and experiment', NanoteC13 Carbon Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, U.K., August 28-30 (2013).
  • A. Radini, Y. Hancock, E. Nikita, A. Hall and K. Hardy, ‘The challenge of the ‘invisible’ environment: Micro debris in human dental calculus as a new line of evidence for medieval Leicester’, Invited, Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, April (2013).
  • 'The Effects of the Mean-Field Interaction on Anderson Localization in Graphene Nanoribbons', J. Baldwin and Y. Hancock, APS March Meeting, Maryland USA, March 18-22 (2013).
  • A. Radini, C. Warinner, A. Tasker, A. Burns, E. Cappellini, M. Collins, A. Hall, Y. Hancock, S. Charlton, S. Fiddyment and Frank Rühli, ‘Crafts with an aftertaste? Approaching the study of ancient skills using micro-debris in dental calculus’, Craft and People Conference, British Museum, London, November (2012).
  • Keynote presentation at the AIMCAL conference (invited) 'On a Roll with Graphene', Y. Hancock, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 21-24 (2012).
  • C. Warinner, J. Rodriguez, R. Vyas, C. Traschel, N. Shved, A. Radini, Y. Hancock, J. Grossman, J. A. Samaniego, S. Charlton, E. Eppler, T. Seiler, H. U. Luder, S. Fiddyment, K. Y. Teoh, C. Von Mehring, M. Collins, T. Gilbert, F. Rühli and E. Cappellini, 'Dental Calculus: A Novel Biomolecular Reservoir for Paleopathology and Paleodietary Inquiry', Archaeological Science of the Americas Symposium 2012, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA, October 5-6, 2012.
  • 'Strain Effects in Patterned Graphene Nanoribbons with Edge Disorder', J. Baldwin and Y. Hancock, CMD-24 (ECOSS-29, CMMP-12, ECSCD-11) conference, Edinburgh, UK, September 3-7 (2012).
  • K. High, K. Penkman, N. Milner, Y. Hancock and I. Panter, ‘Fading Star: Understanding accelerated decay of organic remains at Star Carr, European Association for Archaeologists Meeting, Helsinki, Finland (2012).
  • 'A Generalised, Tight-Binding Transport Model Description for Random Edge-Defected ZGNRs', J. Baldwin and Y. Hancock, Graphene 2012 conference, Brussels, April 10-13 (2012).
  • 'Towards a Realistic Model of Nanographene - Linking Theory and Experiment', J. Baldwin and Y. Hancock, Graphene 2012 conference, Brussels, April 10-13 (2012).
Presentations (non-conference)
  • 'Graphene the Wonder Material' (invited), York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis Seminar Series, The University of York, UK, July 26 (2013).
  • 'N is for Nanotechnology - Why Nanographene is so Damn Important' (invited), Physics Society, The University of York, UK, June 11 (2013).
  • 'A small tale of quantum engineering and nanotechnology' (invited), York College, UK, December 12 (2012).
  • 'Understanding Bone Formation and Generation', Paul Genever, Matthew Collins, Y. Hancock, Roland Kroeger, Paul O’Higgins, Julie Wilson, Angelika Sebald, YCCSA seminar series, Ron Cooke Hub, The University of York, UK, December 7 (2012).
  • 'Nanotechnology' (invitation by panel), IOP Rugby Physics Teacher's Meeting, Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK, June 14 (2012).
  • 'Graphene Nanomaterials' (invited), Centre for Molecular Nanoscience, The University of Leeds, UK, April 20 (2012).
  • 'Quantum Magic Tricks Make Small Technologies' (invited), IOP Physics in Perspective Event, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Faraday Lecture Theatre, London, UK, February 12-14 (2012). View my YouTube video of this event here.
  • 'Graphene - the Wonder Material' (invited), IOP Public Lecture, 28th November 2011 at The University of York, UK.
  • 'Raman Studies of Graphene - Linking Theory and Experiment (invited), Microscopy Users' Group Meeting, The University of York, UK, September 29 (2011).
  • 'Creativity and Physics' (invited), Creativity Across the Disciplines Seminar, Berwick Saul Building, The University of York, UK, June 16 (2011).
  • IOP Physics Updates (invited), The University of York, York, UK, April 15-17 (2011).
  • 'Playing with Atomic Lego' (invited), IOP Public Lecture, The University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, Feb 28 (2011).

Upcoming presentations

  • 'Graphene for Mathematicians' (invited), The Mathematical Physics Group, The University of York, UK, TBA

Media coverage


  • Ellie the Electron and the Quantum Circus Pantomime performances:
  • January 2011 - for The Yorkshire Philosophical Society, Tempest Anderson Hall, The Yorkshire Museum, York (Invited)
  • March 2011 - York Science Festival for Science City York, Ron Cooke Hub, The University of York, Heslington East (Invited)
  • May 2011 - 'Ellie the Electron Explains Nanotechnology', Solutions for the Planet Schools Event, The University of York (Invited).
  • May 2011 - The University of York Learning and Teaching Conference - Showcase performance, The University of York.
  • October 2011 - Manchester Science Festival at MOSI - Museum of Science & Industry (Invited) - Performance sold out.

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