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Scanning Probe Microscopy

The JSPM-5200 is a multi-purpose, high resolution Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) offering ease of use with diverse measurement and sample environments.

The JSPM-5200 can be used in various native environments - from ambient air, controlled atmosphere, fluid, or vacuum, with the sample heated to 500°C (773°K) or cooled to -143°C (130°K).

The JSPM-5200 can also perform a wide range of applied measurements including the combination of image signals and instantaneous switching between operation modes.

The open architecture of the JSPM-5200 provides multiple access ports and easy access to the probe.

The JSPM-5200 can be configured as either an atomic force microscope (AFM) or scanning tunneling microscope (STM) by merely changing the tip. STM modes include CITS, I-V, S-V, and I-S. Standard AFM modes include contact, friction force microscopy, current image, non-contact and discrete contact with either slope detection or frequency detection, and phase imaging. A patented drift-free stage is implemented to provide an extremely stable imaging platform.

The system is available with various options, and for the York-JEOL Centre for Nanotechnology, we have chosen the following configuration:

  • JSPM 5200 with SPM and AFM modes
  • Current Cantilever
  • Digital Control MFM System
  • Wide Z Scanner
  • Break out box for future expansion
  • Heating Stage
  • Open Fluid Cell