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What our students say

Our graduates now have careers in areas such as education and journalism.  Many of them have continued their postgraduate studies to PhD level.  Here's what our students say about their experience of the MA.  Click on the pictures to read more.

George (2014-15)

George 2014-15

The mix of interests, subject disciplines and perspectives has resulted in great debates and conversation

Harriet (2013-15)

The CModS staff have been fantastic, not only in an academic sense, but for their genuine interest in their students and their desire to see, and to help, us succeed

Siiri (2013-14)

The programme, as well as the encouragement and enthusiasm of the academic staff, has prepared and motivated me to pursue a PhD  


Jess (2014-15)

Jess, MA 2014-15

The year has definitely been the toughest year of my life, and I haven’t found it easy at all. Yet it has equally been the most rewarding

Emelia (2013-14)

Emelia, MA student

The course has granted me the freedom to pursue a wide range of research interests ‌... the taught aspect has expanded my horizons rather than limited the areas I can explore

Lucy (2011-12)

Lucy, MA student

The course is challenging, stimulating and enjoyable, and has given me the confidence to apply an academic framework to my personal interests and passions


Josie (2014-15)

Josie, MA 2014-15

You can engage with experts within multiple departments - a fantastic opportunity      


Sam (2013-14)

Sam, MA student

It's the most self-improving course you could hope for!