About the Centre

The Centre for Modern Studies at York (CModS) is a vibrant research centre dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the period from 1830 to the present.

CModS promotes innovative, world-class research across the arts and humanities, in the fields of literature, film, history, politics, philosophy, sociology, music, media studies, performance studies and the fine and applied arts.

Since its launch in 2009, the Centre has been located in the Humanities Research Centre within the Berrick Saul Building, where it has hosted numerous research events

The Director of CModS is Dr Gerard McCann

Postgraduate activities

The Centre runs its own interdisciplinary MA in Culture and Thought after 1945. CModS is also home to a lively postgraduate forum, and to exciting reading groups that bring together postgraduate students and staff working in different disciplines.

Research funding

Each year, CModS funds research strands directed by staff from participating departments, which provide a basis for developing interdisciplinary initiatives and the potential for large-scale external funding bids. The Centre also offers a number of small project grants each year to postgraduate students and to staff who wish to develop interdisciplinary research connections.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

The Centre receives particular support from the departments of HistoryEnglish and History of Art, but has a desire to foster collaborations across the humanities and with the social sciences and natural sciences.

The postgraduate activities and the research developed at CModS promote a wide variety of theoretical, methodological and historiographical perspectives, and connect Victorianists, Modernists, Post-Modernists and scholars of the contemporary.