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There are more than 30 full-time staff actively involved in postgraduate teaching and supervision at the CMS, and also many emeritus staff, research staff and associates. The current Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies is Dr Sarah Rees Jones.



Teaching Staff, surnames A-G

Michelle Alexander (Archaeology)
Bioarchaeology and in particular the application of biomoelcular techniques to aid in understanding the diet and resource base of communities

Steve Ashby (Archaeology)
Archaeology of portable materials; use of animal products in craft and industry

Tim Ayers (History of Art)
English medieval art and stained glass

Henry Bainton (English)
Latin and French literature of the High Middle Ages

Peter Biller (History)
Heresy; medicine; medieval thought on population

Gary Brannan
Access Archivist at the Borthwick Archives, with special responsibility for medieval collections, as well as teaching medieval administrative palaeography 

Sarah Brown (History of Art) 
Stained Glass; ecclesiastical architecture

Michele Campopiano (English)
Medieval Latin texts, medieval historiography and geography, cultures and literatures of medieval Italy, Franciscan cultural traditions and relationships between Europe and the Middle East in the Middle Ages

Kenneth Clarke (English)
Late medieval Italian literature, in book production and circulation, the commentary tradition, glosses and marginalia and all aspects of the work of Dante

Jonathan Finch (Archaeology)
Church monuments and commemorative art; landscapes.

Mary Garrison (History)
Early medieval literary and cultural history

Kate Giles (Archaeology)
Medieval and post-medieval buildings

Jeremy Goldberg (History)
Later medieval English social and cultural history; women's and gender history



Teaching staff, surnames H-O

Guy Halsall (History)
The history and archaeology of Merovingian Gaul and an interest in the relationship between violence and society

Jane Hawkes (History of Art)
Late antique and early medieval art and icongraphy

Tom Johnson (History)
Social and cultural history of England from 1300-1550

Amanda Lillie (History of Art)
Italian Renaissance art & architecture; patronage

Emanuele Lugli (History of Art)
Mediterranean art, architecture and visual culture from 1000-1500, with an emphasis on the nexus between art, politics, science and technology

Aleks McClain (Archaeology)
Archaeology of churches, commemoration, and the Anglo-Norman period

Nicola McDonald (English)
Romance and medieval French literature; Chaucer and Gower; gender studies

Linne Mooney (English)
Medieval English Palaeography

Harry Munt (History)
History of the early Islamic Arabian Peninsula, Islamic holy cities and pilgrimage, and Arabic history-writing in the medieval period 

Jeanne Nuechterlein (History of Art)
Late medieval and Reformation art of northern Europe

Mark Ormrod (History)
Late medieval English government and politics




Teaching staff, surnames P-Z

Sarah Rees Jones (History)
Medieval social history, both urban and rural; medieval social ideals (eg utopias); Medieval towns (especially York), including archaeological, cultural and political aspects

Julian Richards (Archaeology)
Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age England

Lucy Sackville (History)
Medieval heresy and its repression, concentrating on the histories of Italy and southern France

Craig Taylor (History)
Late medieval French political culture; 100 Years War; Joan of Arc; chivalry

Matthew Townend (English)
Viking language and literature

Elizabeth Tyler (English)
The literary culture of England from the 9th to the 12th century in English, Latin and French

Hanna Vorholt (History of Art)
Illuminated manuscripts, and the representation of Jerusalem in the medieval West

Sethina Watson (History)
Social, religious and urban history of England 1050-1350; legal form and social role of hospitals

George Younge (English)
Old English texts; Middle English and French textual cultures in the 12th and 13th centuries

Lydia Zeldenrust (English)
Comparative literature, European literatures, and translations to textual materiality and early book illustration




  • Martin Carver (Archaeology)
    Archaeological practice and protohistoric Europe
  • Claire Cross (History)
    Religion in late medieval and early modern England
  • Richard Marks (Art History)
    Medieval stained glass; the figurative arts in medieval England
  • Christopher Norton (Art History)
    Medieval ecclesiastical art and architecture
  • Derek Pearsall (English)
    Late medieval English literature, especially Chaucer and Langland
  • Felicity Riddy (English)
    Middle Scots Literature; English urban literary culture

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