Research staff, research associates and visiting fellowships

In addition to our teaching and emeritus staff, the CMS is home to research staff working on funded projects and to research associates, who are scholars affiliated with the Centre.

Current research associates

Dr Lucy Allen  Dr Jessica Lamothe
Dr James Binns Dr Hollie Morgan
Dr Zara Burford Mrs Bev Parrish
Dr Harriet Evans Tang Mr Graham Paterson
Dr Judith Frost Dr Stefania Perring
Mr Brian and Ms Moira Gittos

Mrs Elizabeth Shields

Dr Erika Graham-Goering Dr Kate Thomas
Dr Nik Gunn Dr Diana Wyatt
Prof. Edward James  Dr Vicki Blud


The CMS also has a Medieval Studies Visiting Fellowship

Current Visiting Research Associates

Prof. Frans van Liere

Frans van Liere is a professor of medieval history at Calvin College, and will be in York co-running a programme at York St John's University, as well as working on a critical edition of the commentary on Isaiah by Andrew of Saint Victor (d. 1175). He will give a lecture at the CMS before he leaves at the end of May.

Prof. Laura Gelfand

Laura Gelfand has a Fulbright Fellowship in the Department of the History of Art at the University of York for the 2018-19 academic year. She is on research leave from Utah State University where she is a Professor of Art History and recently completed seven years as Head of the Department of Art + Design. She has an office on the Heslington campus, and students wishing to talk with her are encouraged to email her at