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Graham Paterson

Graham Paterson convenes meetings of the Old English Reading Group (OERG). The purpose of the group is to offer attendees opportunities to develop their skills in translation of Old English prose and poetry. Attendance is open to anyone with an interest in the Old English language, and being a postgraduate student on either the beginners or advanced OE skills classes at CMS is not a prerequisite. For those attendees who are students on either of those classes it may be of interest to know that OERG text extracts are chosen so as not to conflict with texts used in the skills classes.

At each meeting of the OERG a transcription of an OE text extract, together with a glossary specific to that text extract, are provided to each attendee and a number of Clark-Hall dictionaries will be on hand, as will Magic Sheets. Also a copy of a scan of the relevant folios of the original manuscript, from which that meeting’s OE text extract has been transcribed, will  be available, and copies of a line by line suggested translation of the text extract, incorporating endnotes covering, for example, specific points of grammar, will be available to attendees at the end of each meeting.

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