Stefan Weigert



Towards the end of my undergraduate studies in physics at the RWTH Aachen in Germany, I spent a year at the Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands) writing a diploma thesis under the supervision of by NG van Kampen. In 1986 I moved to Switzerland to study for a PhD with H Thomas at the Universität Basel. 

After a year as a post-doc with RG Littlejohn at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California I returned to Basel. I completed my Habilitation in 1996 to become Privatdozent and, soon after, a visiting professor in H Beck's group at the Université de Neuchâtel in Switzerland. 

Since 2005 I am a Reader in Mathematical Physics at the Department of Mathematics of the University of York, after spending a few years at the University of Hull, also in the UK. 

Departmental roles

  • Chair of Departmental Equality and Good Practice Committee



Mathematical Physics

Ever since my days as an undergraduate, I have been fascinated by quantum theory. Not surprisingly, most of my research is in the area of (non-relativistic) quantum mechanics, especially in quantum information and the foundations of quantum theory. In recent years, I have worked on uncertainty relations, mutually unbiased bases, PT-symmetry and quantum state reconstruction.

Literary Studies
I am interested in the history of science and in epistemological questions related to the interplay of scientific knowledge and the language we use to express it. In some papers, I have studied specific aspects of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's writings, a German 18th-century physicist well-known for his witty aphorisms.

Current and Past PhD students

Vicky Wright and I are currently investigating Hilbert space formulations of models which exhibit post-quantum correlations. Spiros Kechrimparis and I developed a method to derive preparational uncertainty relations for quantum systems with one or more continuous variables.  Steve Brierley and Dan McNulty 
studied the properties of mutually unbiased bases, mostly in dimension six.

Research group(s)

Mathematical Physics Research Group

Available PhD research projects

PhD students wishing to work on fundamental questions in quantum theory are welcome to get in touch. Project areas include uncertainty relations, mutually unbiased bases and generalized probabilistic theories exhibiting correlations stronger than those found in quantum systems. Related topics in the area of quantum information and foundations can be agreed on.



  • Mathematics for Sciences 1
  • Quantum Information

Contact details

Dr Stefan Weigert

Tel: +44 1904 32 4152