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Farzad Fatehi Chenar



Ph.D degree in Mathematics (2015-2019), University of Sussex, Mathematical modelling of cytokine-mediated immune response and autoimmunity, Supervised by Dr Konstantin Blyuss, School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Department of Mathematics
Continuous MSc degree in Mathematics (2008-2015), Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran



My research interests lie in applications of nonlinear and delayed dynamics method to mathematical biology/epidemiology, especially to immunology and autoimmunity, and stochastic analysis. In particular, I am interested in infectious disease modelling, with the aim of supporting the development of novel antiviral strategies through my modelling work. During my PhD I focussed on mathematical modelling in immunology and autoimmunity,whereI proposed a mathematical model of immune response to hepatitis B infections, and developed a model for the dynamics of the immune response to a viral infection and the possible onset of autoimmunity.
I am currently a PDRA with Prof Reidun Twarock, working on Wellcome Trust funded project entitled 'New perspectives for anti-viral therapy: The regulatory roles of genomic RNA in virus assembly, infection and evolution'

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Mathematical Biology and Chemistry Research Group

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Dr Farzad Fatehi Chenar

Tel: +44 1904 32 5362