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Evgeny Sklyanin



I graduated from the Department of Physics, Leningrad State University (USSR) in 1978, got PhD (Candidate) in 1980 and DrSci (habilitaion) degree in 1989, both at Steklov Mathematical Institute, St.Petersburg. Held various research positions at Steklov until 2001, then moved to York. Extended (1-2 years) visits to Finland (Helsinki), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), France (Lyon, Paris.

FRS 2008

Departmental roles

  • Library Representative
  • Physical Sciences Ethics Committee (PSEC) Representative



My main sphere of interests is the theory of integrable systems, both in classical and quantum mechanics. The mathematical techniques I use in my studies include algebraic methods (quantum groups), separation of variables, special functions.

Currently I am involved in study of multiparticle quantum integrable systems that can be solved in terms of multivariate hypergeometric functions, like Jack or Macdonald polynomials, investigating the parallels between the classical and quantum integrability.

Research group(s)

Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information Research Group

Available PhD research projects

I can offer PhD projects in the area of quantum integrable/exactly solvable systems, such as Calogero-Moser systems, Ruijsenaars model, spin chains with the stress on using algebraic techniques, 
such as quantum groups, Dunkl operators. The projects can be taylored to student's interests.



  • Advanced Quantum Field Theory
  • Complex and Asymptotic Methods


  • Advanced Quantum Field Theory
  • Complex and Asymptotic Methods

Contact details

Professor Evgeny Sklyanin

Tel: +44 1904 32 4162