Accessibility statement

Independent study


The aim is to allow students to develop a detailed programme of study on a topic which, while falling within the broad areas of Linguistics or a language taught by the Department, is beyond what is available in the teaching programme on offer to them.

Registration procedure

Download a proposal form from the Department website when you register for this module. Students should make a detailed proposal of their plans, for discussion with a potential supervisor, giving information on:

  • The content of the module
  • An outline of the work that needs to be conducted
  • A preliminary timetable for completion of the work

The proposal must be submitted to the Undergraduate Administrator at the latest by noon on Wednesday of week 7 of the Summer term in the current year or week 7 of the Autumn term next year. Permission will not be given to students to take this module unless the supervising member of staff and the approval committee see adequate evidence that the proposed work is realistic and feasible.

NB. Until the project has been approved, students will be required to register for an alternative module.


Students must have:

  • At least 40 credits in the appropriate background area of Linguistics

NB. Students may undertake no more than one Independent Study module in linguistics.


Contact hours

Eight hours spread over either one term (Autumn) or two terms (Spring and early Summer term).

Teaching programme

A total of approximately 200 hours of independent work is required.

Students are responsible for designing a course of study which will allow them to explore a topic area in depth. A student wishing to take such a module must consult (during the current academic year) a member of staff with expertise in the relevant background area on the feasibility of undertaking such a course of study. Once a relevant member of staff has agreed that they could in principle supervise such a course of study, they will provide the student with feedback on the plan they have designed.  The plan must be approved by a sub-committee of the Board of Studies, no later than the term prior to that in which the module is to be undertaken.

It is the student's responsibility to prepare a work schedule as part of their submission for approval. This would normally include at least some of the following: a reading list; data to be collected and analysed; short presentations to be made to the supervisor, allowing discussion and feedback on the student's work; a timetable for the completion of various tasks.

Teaching materials

To be determined by the student in consultation with the module tutor.

Assessment and feedback

Feedback on formative work

You can expect feedback during discussion and presentation sessions as you develop your project.

Summative assessment and feedback

  • A 5000-word essay or project report
    • Weight: 100%
    • Submission: Essays will be due by noon on Thursday of Week 1 of the Spring term if the module is undertaken in the Autumn or in Week 5 of the Summer term if undertaken in the Spring/Summer terms. 
    • Feedback: You will be allowed to see your project report with comments on it.


Transferable skills developed in this module

All modules provide an opportunity to work on general oral/written communication skills (in class and in assessments) and general self management (organising your studies), alongside the specific skills in language or linguistics that the module teaches.

In addition, this module will allow you to particularly develop skills in creativity and innovation: in this module you will design and implements your own small-scale research project, writing it up according to the norms of academic publishing. In bringing the study to completion you will also demonstrate particularly high levels of self management.

Follow this link to hear how past students use transferable skills from their degree in their current jobs.

About this module

  • Module name
    Independent study
  • Course code
    L22H (LAN00022H)
  • Teachers
    By agreement
  • Term(s) taught
    Autumn, Spring-Summer
  • Credits