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About the software

MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization and numerical computation.

MATLAB is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs and managed office PCs.

Please see the Obtaining the software tab for more information.

Obtaining the software


MATLAB is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs. It appears under Start | All Programs.

Managed PCs

On staff and research graduate PCs managed by IT Services, MATLAB can be installed by searching for Software Center from the Start Menu

Once installed, it will appear on the Start Menu.

Unmanaged PCs and home use

Staff and students are able to install MATLAB on unmanaged University owned PCs and personally owned devices through this link to the University MATLAB Portal.

MATLAB is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Documentation, training and support



The University of York has subscribed to MATLAB Academic Online Training and all staff and students can access courses free of charge:

  • Visit the University MATLAB Portal
  • Log in using your MathWorks account

After activating your account, you’re good to go start using MATLAB. If you are new to the tool, learn the basics at the Getting started with MATLAB page.

Under the section "Learn to Use MATLAB and Simulink", the portal also provides access to a wide range of interactive online courses and tutorials. At the end of each course, you can download and print a certificate of completion.

Additional resources


MATLAB toolboxes

The MATLAB licence is for the program, plus the following Standard and Additional Toolboxes.

These are available on all IT Services classroom PCs and can also be download by members of the University onto their personal PCs.

Audio Systems Toolbox
Aerospace Blockset
Aerospace Toolbox
Bioinformatics Toolbox
Communications Toolbox
Computer Vision System Toolbox
Control System Toolbox
Curve Fitting Toolbox
Data Acquisition Toolbox
Database Toolbox
Datafeed Toolbox
Deep Learning Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox
Econometrics Toolbox
Embedded Coder
Financial Instruments Toolbox
Financial Toolbox
Fixed-Point Designer
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
Global Optimization Toolbox
Image Acquisition Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
Instrument Control Toolbox
LTE System Toolbox
Mapping Toolbox
MATLAB Compiler
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server
MATLAB Report Generator
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox
Model Predictive Control Toolbox
Optimization Toolbox
Parallel Computing Toolbox
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
Phased Array System Toolbox
Polyspace Bug Finder
RF Blockset
RF Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
Simscape Multibody (formerly SimMechanics)
Simulink 3D Animation
Simulink Coder
Simulink Control Design
Simulink Real-Time
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox
System Identification Toolbox
Wavelet Toolbox