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About ArcGIS

About the software

ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) used for creating and using maps, compiling geographic data, analysing mapped information, and discovering and sharing geographic information using contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning. 

The Desktop Application includes: 

  • ArcGIS Pro + Extensions

  • ArcMap + Extensions (ArcMap is no longer under direct development and is included for backwards compatibility.)

  • City Engine

ArcGIS Online and Apps for the Field, for example Survey123 and Collector for ArcGIS are among some of the other applications available under the University's licence.

To access our ArcGIS Online organization go to Login with your UoY credentials using the Enterprise Login option.

ArcGIS online acts as a platform to share and access content. Course Leaders can create groups to restrict materials directly to specific groups of students or invite external researchers to share content outside the university. If you require these permissions please contact IT support.

Use Permissions:

  • Administration and Management of the Business of the University

    Use of the software is allowed for administration and management of the business of the University
  • Commercial Use is Prohibited

    Licences for Commercial use can be purchased directly from Esri UK
  • Paid for Research is Prohibited

    Under the agreement, the University is not allowed to use the software for paid-for research.

    For example, paid-for research includes when a student/researcher is sponsored by a company to complete research and the company then owns the research for use in their commercial business. This is not allowed.

    If, however, a student/researcher is sponsored by a company to complete their PhD/project but the student owns the outcome then this is allowed.
  • Overseas Use is Permitted

    Please see ‘Obtaining the software’ tab for more information.


ArcGIS is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs and are available for all other University and personally owned staff and student PCs.

For more information, please see the Obtaining the software tab.

Obtaining the software

Classroom and managed office PCs

ArcGIS Pro:

  • is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs
  • can be installed on managed office PCs via Software Center
  • appears on the Start Menu


  • is not installed on IT Services 
  • can be installed on managed Office PCs by request.
  • appears on the Start Menu

Unmanaged PCs and home use

ArcGIS Pro and Desktop:

  • are available for all staff and students
  • can be installed on unmanaged University owned PCs and personally owned devices
  • are available for Windows only

Installation guide

Instructions are available to guide you through installing ArcGIS:

Using ArcGIS offline

Users with an ArcGIS Online account can request an ArcGIS Pro Licence from IT Support. When logged into an ArcGIS Pro installation that is configured to use named user licensing a user can take their licence offline.

Standalone authorizations are available for other ArcGIS applications

Using ArcGIS overseas

Overseas use requests are no longer required. Overseas use is allowed as long as ArcGIS is not being used in one of the countries embargoed by the US ie Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

If you are going overseas for less than 90 days, please follow the process above to checkout an ArcGIS licence for offline use before you leave.

If you will be spending longer than 90 days overseas, please contact IT Support for assistance.


Documentation, training and support



  • Esri training content is available at
  • Your ArcGIS online account will grant you access to the free content


IT Services do not offer support in the use of ArcGIS.