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Quick questions

How do I...

Create photo pages for groups of students

Create student attendance lists

Email or text groups of students by dept, course etc

Email students/residents in University accommodation

Request buildings maintenance

Use the Data Warehouse

Visit the Online Support Centre for details of the Data Warehouse.

View photos of students or staff

The Personal Images on the Web system allows you to do this.

If you already have access to the Student Enquiry Screen, you can view an image of an individual student from the 'detail' page, and can also create pages of student photos from a list of students.

Your access to an image may be restricted by the permissions set up by default or the owner of that image. See the Viewing Images explanation, which also applies to images viewed from the Student Enquiry Screen.

View timetables

Go to the University teaching timetable page. For security reasons, if you need to be able to view the timetable from off campus, you must do so using the VPN service.