Corel PDF Fusion

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About PDF Fusion

About the software

PDF Fusion is a PDF editing tool.



Obtaining the software



PDF Fusion is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs. It appears under Start | All Programs | Corel PDF Fusion.

Home Use

PDF Fusion is not available for home use


Supported PCs

To install PDF Fusion on staff and research graduate PCs managed by IT Services follow these steps:

  • from the Start Menu search for and open Software Center
  • locate the software under the Available Software tab
  • click on the Install button in the lower right

Once installed, it will appear under Start | All Programs | Corel DF Fusion.

Unsupported machines and home use

Home Use is available for teachers and faculty staff and must either be used exclusively for teaching purposes related to the UoY or for purposes related to or for the benefit of the UoY, such as lesson planning, classroom preparation, and so on. Home Use is prohibited in China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

PDF Fusion is Windows-only software and is available for download:

Licence code

A licence code is required to activate PDF Fusion:

Documentation, training and support


  • You can find documentation on Corel's website in their Knowledge base


If you require further help or support with PDF Fusion, please contact the Library & IT Help Desk.