Accessibility statement

Buying for a department

If you are a member of Professional Support Services and Finance please contact IT Services who manage all orders through the End-to-End IT Service.

Laptops and PCs

Stone is the University's preferred supplier of laptops and PCs.

To purchase a desktop computer from Stone, please order through York e-Purchase.

Macs & iPads

Academia is the University's preferred supplier of Apple products.

To purchase Apple equipment from Academia, please order through York e-Purchase.

Departmental servers

Please talk to IT Services before buying a server.

Our virtual server hosting might be more appropriate. If hardware is required we will check that it will run a suitable Windows or Linux install, and check that it can be installed in our data centre.


Printer purchase is covered by a preferred suppliers agreement.

If you require a new printer, please contact the IT Support.

York Print Plus offers a convenient, cheap and reliable central service.

Maintenance contracts

IT Services can offer PC maintenance at a lower cost through a Higher Education community arrangement with selected third party hardware maintenance companies.

Advice and support

Managed hardware service

IT Services can advise you on the suitability or appropriateness of the hardware.

Please contact the IT Support if the listed suppliers cannot meet your needs, or you require advice on specifications or the suitability of particular products. We will give you an honest opinion of any product we have experience of.  

Other equipment

Individual PC components and upgrades: please contact your supplier directly.

PC peripherals: this includes scanners and CD writers. Contact individual suppliers for details of prices etc.

If a department chooses to purchase equipment from other suppliers, they will need to contact the Procurement Office for advice on the appropriate procedures.

Disposal of old equipment

When purchasing new equipment, you may  need to consider the disposal of the item that it's replacing.

You should talk to your Departmental Computing Officer about arranging for disposal. They will ensure that the correct guidelines are followed, as detailed under: