Accessibility statement

How to change your name on your University account

Please follow the appropriate process below to update your University account to reflect your new name.

Please note, we will not normally change your username (or your email address if you're a student) when you change your name. This will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

If you joined the University after October 2022, you will have a randomly generated username that is not based on your initials.


If you have changed your name, please see the University guidance on changing your name on your record: 


Step 1: Update with HR

  1. Take your supporting documents to the HR reception
  2. HR will change your details in ResourceLink

Step 2: Google and email

Once step 1 is complete, a new email address can be allocated to you. You'll need to email to get the new address set up.

It takes up to 24 hours for Google to update the display name to be the new name.

Some people may still see your old name in the address book. This is because, if they have emailed you before, your old name will be stored in their contacts. They need to delete this so that the new name replaces it.

Other tips on changing your name

  • Inform your departmental administrator
  • Inform your other key contacts around the University
  • Update your email address for any external mailing lists or subscriptions
  • Update any departmental web pages and staff lists that mention your name
  • Consider noting change of name in email signature where appropriate