Accessibility statement


Text us

If you're unhappy about the behaviour of other people using the IT rooms, you can text us and we'll contact the appropriate people (normally College receptionists) who can act on this.

  • 07919 293133

When you're using an IT Services classrooms or study area, please follow these rules to ensure they are pleasant and useful spaces for everyone:

  • Hot & cold drinks and cold food are allowed in IT Services classrooms and study areas. Please take care to keep the PCs and desks clean.
  • Switch your phone to silent - if you need to take a call, please go outside.
  • Work quietly. Please maintain library conditions.
  • Don't leave logged-on PCs unattended.
  • Please be considerate. These PCs are provided primarily for academic work.
  • Please abide by the relevant regulations and acceptable use policies.
  • Please be aware that you may be asked to leave the room if it is required for teaching.

Booked classrooms

When a classroom is booked for teaching, access is at the discretion of the lecturer concerned.

The University encourages teaching staff to admit students to use free machines, but they are not obliged to do so.

If the lecturer feels it's inappropriate to allow general access, this decision should be respected.

If you're invited to work in a classroom while teaching is under way, please take care not to disrupt any presentations with conversations.

Unattended PCs

Please don't leave your machine logged in if you are going to be away from the classroom for some time (ie going to a class, or for lunch) - you're leaving your email and files at risk, and also stopping other people being able to use the PC.

If you're waiting for a free machine, and one has been left logged in and unattended for a significant amount of time, you may log the user off and use it yourself.

Locked machines

Although undergraduates and taught graduates don't have the ability to lock machines, staff and research graduates do, so you may encounter an unattended locked PC.

In this case, you can override the locking of the PC by switching it off and on again using the power button.

Please note, this method does not correctly logout the user who has locked the machine, nor does it save any unsaved work - however, this is a risk the user takes if they choose to leave a locked PC unattended.

Accessibility issues

Some PCs are labelled to indicate that they are more accessible to wheelchair users, or have software installed to aid users with a visual impairment.

If you do not need to make use of these features, you should use unlabelled PCs first to leave the more accessible computers available to those who need them.

Please be prepared to give up the use of a labelled PC if another machine is available.

Anyone wishing to discuss this policy should contact Disability Services.