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Dr Evangeline Tsao

Associate Lecturer

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email: evangeline.tsao@york.ac.uk


Evangeline Tsao received her BA in Foreign Languages and Literature in 2008 (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) and she gained her MA (distinction) in Women’s Studies at University of York in 2011. Her MA dissertation examines the relationship between women’s clothing and identity with the method of self-directed photography, and this laid the groundwork for her doctoral project. With the support of a scholarship from University of York and a research grant from Republic of China (Taiwan) government, she conducted her PhD research with the application of auto-photography, a participatory visual method to investigate the ways women understand and experience their embodied sexuality. This project also develops her interests and ideas around the meanings of activism, empowerment and representation.

Evangeline is a passionate teacher. She has experience in providing student welfare support and teaching in HE as well as at high school level. In 2014, she achieved the status of Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She teaches in Sociology and in Women’s Studies, and is currently supervising Master’s students.

Current Research Interests:

Evangeline’s main research interests include: visual methodologies, especially participatory visual methods; theories of gender and sexuality; feminist arts and activism; popular culture and representation; arts-based research.

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February 22, 2016