Research impact

The Department of Health Sciences is a high-calibre research department that places great importance on research impact for all our researchers. The Department has a range of established impact case studies some of which follow on from the REF 2014 where 80% of our impact cases were rated as world leading such as those led by Professor Simon Gilbody in mental health and Professor Kate Pickett in the area of social inequality. There are many other exciting impact cases emerging from the Department some of which are highlighted here: 

The Department is part-way through its implementation plan based on our Impact Strategy which is overseen by the Departmental Research Committee Chair (Impact Lead) and the Six Research Group Leads

The Department has secured internal and external funding to support research impact which has led to a coordinated approach across the Department and Faculty of Sciences where we actively engage with stakeholders who can help us help them influence policy and practice. Optimal communication between our researchers and their funders, specific policy and practice organisations and the wider media represents a key element in optimising research impact.

Research impact may have originated out of the REF however it now represents a vital part of research funding, research design, outputs and is starting to influence the careers of researchers. This is why we created a Contract Research Forum that works to the principles of the Research Concordat in supporting research careers by developing a complete, fit for purpose, research profile that fundamentally includes impact.