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Connected Yorkshire

Connected Yorkshire will utilise cross-regional collaboration to produce learning health systems through data linking in our connected health region. This will provide a shared platform for developing and testing innovative approaches to improve health and wellbeing. The aim of the programme is to demonstrate the feasibility and utility of linked health data by establishing cYorkshire - a region-wide digital community programme covering over five million people.

cYorkshire will provide a population data laboratory by linking data from Bradford and Sheffield to demonstrate a large scale collaborative approach to the development of a connected health region. The University of Leeds will provide analytical and warehouse infrastructure through the newly established Leeds Institute for Data Analytics. The University of York will provide epidemiological and health services research expertise to support how data linkage can transform the region. The large scale, cross-region and cross-sector approach will provide a test bed for learning and adaptation. We will harness data linkage to build clinical pathways across the usual fractures in health, social and education systems. cYorkshire will provide the test bed for novel innovations that emerge from our regional Digital Health Enterprise Zone and industry partners.

We will focus testing the benefits of linked data through connected pathways in two key areas of life: childhood and ageing. Examples of pathways identified as priorities across our partnership are as follows:

  • Childhood obesity
  • Childhood asthma
  • Childhood mental health
  • Supported self-management for older people with frailty
  • Proactive targeting of falls prevention
  • Improved support for older people with dementia, and their carers

Further information can be found on the Connected Yorkshire website


Funder: Northern Health Science Alliance
Start Date January 2016
End Date December 2018


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