Transitions between services at the end of life for older people – patient carer and provider perspectives

Transitions in care settings are associated with poor continuity and quality of care. At the end of life, health and social care aims to optimise quality of life, yet existing evidence suggests that movements between place of care in the months before death may be frequent, and result in little improvement in pain control or wellbeing. This multi method study funded by NIHR HSR&D explored the causes and consequences of transitions in care settings from the perspective of people living with heart failure, stroke and lung cancer.  




Start Date: 2009
End Date: 2012


Internal Staff

  • Barbara Hanratty

External Collaborators


  • Hanratty B, Lowson E, Grande G, Payne S, Addington-Hall A, Valtorta N, et al. Transitions at the end of life for older adults – patient, carer and professional perspectives: a mixed methods study Health Serv Deliv Res 2014;2 May forthcoming

Papers published using data from patient interviews:

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