Sonifying health data to promote public health risk communication

Building on the success of the 3Sixty project recently developed for the C2D2 conference, the team led by Sandra Pauletto and Amanda Mason-Jones intends to further explore data related to the chronic health of adolescents to enable public engagement using sound design, data sonification and music. This project will explore the best ways in which to present health risk data, so that it is engaging whilst at the same time, aethestically pleasing and accurate. The project will utilise functions of film music understood by a variety of audiences (e.g. ability to direct listener’s attention and emphasise important elements of a narrative) to support data sonification. The outputs from this project (development of the methodology and strategies for presenting data for best understanding of information and messages) will be transferable to other datasets in different settings and populations. The postdoctoral researcher, Dr Bartek Walus has a background in film music composition and is interested in applying musical solutions to communicating health risks. He has extensive experience of working in the media.


Funder(s): Wellcome Trust
Start Date: 03-Mar-2014
Expiry Date: 03-Mar-2015


Internal staff

Public Health and Society Research in the Department of Health Sciences